David Siegel is a chef and culinary instructor and parent in Brooklyn, NY.

David has been cooking for most of his life. It started with chicken soup, and his enthusiasm for creating delicious and satisfying meals for friends and family grew from there. He started working at restaurants while still in high school and  studied Hospitality Administration at Boston University. He cooked through college and continued slinging pots and pans after graduation in Boston and then in Portland, Oregon, a city that tuned him in to the beauty of cooking simply with seasonal ingredients.  There, he worked with well known local chefs, started a pop-up supper club and was the executive chef of Belly Timber Restaurant in Southeast Portland.

David presided over the kitchen and a weekly-changing menu there for two years. But the East Coast was calling him back. Before answering that call, he spent nearly a year traveling and eating his way through Asia and Europe. He settled in Brooklyn in 2010, and since then, David has been teaching culinary classes to thousands of people and pursuing a Master of Science degree in Nutrition at Brooklyn College.  He is particularly interested in helping families develop healthy eating habits and draws on his experience as a chef and teacher.  His research includes building the proper foundation for these habits starting from birth.  David translates his knowledge into practice in the classroom and at home with his wife and one and a half year-old son.

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Introducing complementary foods to your baby is an exciting milestone, but with everything else going on and the conflicting advice out there, it’s difficult to know how to start. Join chef, nutritionist (and parent!) David Siegel at The Brooklyn Kitchen on Saturday May 28th as he guides you through the finer points of introducing solids, answer your questions, and demonstrate how to prepare delicious and healthy food from scratch for your budding gastronome.

5-28 Baby Class Poster

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